Extraction rope

Extraction rope for your NoTreeSlack ground anchor.

Extraction rope

to remove even sluggish pegs with a sledgehammer.

Additionally function: lengthen the frame-securing-strap if the frame is too far away from the anchor.


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8,90 €

  • 0,1 kg
  • Available
  • from receipt of payment: Austria 2-6 working days, Germany 3-8 working days, CH/LI/NO (depending on customs) 4-15 working days, rest of EU 3-12 working days1

  • If a peg can not be easily removed by hand with the extraction tool, you can use this extraction rope to pull out hard moving pegs with a sledge hammer (see instruction manual). 
  • Made of UV-resistant material, breaking load 450daN single, 900daN double.


Additional function:

If the frame anchoring is too short (with irregular distances between anchor and frame), it serves as an extension of the anchoring belt.