Xtra slackline pegs

Our Slackline pegs are tough and chewy at the same time. Smaller stones in the ground are simply pushed aside or breaking apart. On a test, the pegs were easily driven into a macadam road. Even under heavy use, the pegs do not bend.

Xtra pegs (2 pcs. for one anchor)

2x additional pegs 70 cm for one slack anchor, made of high-yield chrome steel, surface hardened and antirust coated. 


Necessary for sandy beaches, possibly useful for year-round tensioned lines on very soft ground.


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49,90 €

  • 2,9 kg
  • Available
  • from receipt of payment: Austria 2-6 working days, Germany 3-8 working days, CH/LI/NO (depending on customs) 4-15 working days, rest of EU 3-12 working days1

  • The 75 cm long pegs made of high-strength chrome steel were elaborately surface-hardened and coated with a rustproof coating with great effort and under constant quality control.
  • As a result, they do not bend or break, even under the highest loads.