comparison slackline anchor

Direct comparison slackline anchor systems: Video & table

  NoTreeSlack Concrete foundation Drilling anchor Slack nails Rescue anchor Drive in anchor
    +sleeve +post        
Holding force meadow  xxx  x - xxx*  x **  x  x  x
Hard/stony ground  xxx  x - xxx*  - **  x x  x
Soft ground  xxx  x - xx*  -/x  - - -
Beach  xxx  -  -  -  -  -
Reversibility  xxx  - x *** xxx xxx  -
Fast set up  xxx  -  x  xx xxx  xxx
Fast break down  xxx  -  -  xxx  xxx  -
Trip/Vacation  xxx  -  -  xxx  xxx  -
Rust/durability  xxx  x - xx  x - xx  x - xx  x - xx  xx - xxx
Price  from € 149,90  € 150-2000*  € 30-80  € 45-100  € 200-300  € 40


* Depends on size of foundation: a leading slackline post manufacturer recommends up to 3300 kg (!) of concrete for one foundation (without reinforcement steel).

** Not possible to set up in hard or stony soils.

*** Often not removable after tension load (spiral deformed).

This new AT-patented kit is probably the strongest, fastest and most durable Slackline anchor system on the market!


Conventional slackline anchors have serious drawbacks:

  • Not installable in hard or stony ground (drilling-anchor)
  • Insufficient holding forces / lose tension after short time (self-made concrete foundation, drilling-anchor, rescue-anchor, slack-nail, drive-in-anchor)
  • Not possible or difficult to remove (concrete foundation, drilling-anchors, drive-in-anchor)
  • Much & hard work to set up (concrete foundation, drilling-anchor)
  • Usually made of materials like construction steel (anchor) and wood (frame), both are not weather -resistant.


With the NoTreeSlack-Set you can set up your slackline, anywhere & anytime, bombproof & permanent:

in your garden, on trips or your vacation.

  • For almost any terrain - from gravel to beaches.
  • Holds much better and more durably than many other systems.
  • Can be set up in 2 minutes and broken down without leaving a mark in just 1 minute.
  • Can be dismantled and is portable/mobile
  • Thanks to stainless steel, the NoTreeSlack set is weather -resistant and retains its value for generations.