Slackline ground anchor kit "One Tree"


Only one tree in your garden?

Set up your slackline with the stronger and faster slackline ground anchor kit.


No limits: 

  • For almost any type of ground.  
  • For permanent installations as well as short trips and beach vacations.
  • Thanks to stainless steel it is weather -resistant and retains its value for decades.
slackline ground anchor

Slackline anchor kit "One Tree"

Complete slackline ground anchor kit if you only have one tree.


1x anchor made of stainless steel V2A

4x pegs 75cm, made of high yield chrome steel, expensivly surface-hardned and antirust-coated

1x frame adjustable 40/55/70/82cm, stainless steel V2A + Support plate/assembly tool

1x transport box/anchor cover with cool design + carry-strap/frame-brace

1x extraction-rope to remove sluggish pegs with a sledgehammer

2x extraction-tools/anchor securing / securing for extraction-rope

1x manual


For beaches you need 2 extra-pegs per anchor. May be useful for permanent installation on extremely soft grounds, too.


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  • from receipt of payment 3-10 working days1