Slackline ground anchor kit "One Tree"


Only one tree in your garden?

Set up your slackline with the stronger and faster slackline ground anchor kit.


No limits: 

  • For almost any type of ground.  
  • For permanent installations as well as short trips and beach vacations.
  • Thanks to stainless steel it is weather -resistant and retains its value for decades.
slackline ground anchor

Slackline anchor kit "One Tree"

Complete slackline ground anchor kit if you only have one tree.


1x anchor made of stainless steel 304 (V2A)

4x pegs 70cm, made of high yield chrome steel, expensivly surface-hardned and antirust-coated

1x frame adjustable 40/55/70/82cm, stainless steel V2A + Support plate/assembly tool

1x transport box/anchor cover with cool design + carry-strap/frame-brace

1x extraction-rope to remove sluggish pegs with a sledgehammer

2x extraction-tools/anchor securing / securing for extraction-rope

1x manual


For beaches you need 2 extra-pegs per anchor. May be useful for permanent installation on extremely soft grounds, too.

Choose your desired design here

249,90 € 2

214,90 €

  • 12,1 kg
  • Limited Availability
  • from receipt of payment 3-10 working days1

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google translate:

"Great!! Unfortunately we only discovered this anchor this year. Last summer we bought the [... beep ...] set from [... beep ...], which did not hold in our soft soil at all." , but has left us with large holes. This anchor is bombproof and now the whole family can finally practice what it takes. The description is very understandable and the structure is actually self-explanatory. Took about 5 minutes the first time. Great! We are happy!"

1x slackline ground anchor tube

  • The ground anchor tube consists entirely of stainless steel 304 (V2A).
  • 1000 daN nominal load (tensile load with normal tension ratchets approx. 300 daN, with dynamic jumping up to max. 700 daN).
  • Additional function: safety container for the pointed pegs.
components of the NoTreeSlack kit
slackline anchor 2

4x pegs

  • Elaborately made from chrome steel: highly tempered, externally hardened. No permanent deformation as with structural steel, even with higher loads. Cannot break either, as the core is not fully hardened.
  • Permanently coated against rust - more resistant than hot-dip galvanizing!
  • CNC turned, rounded tip and chamfered head for a longer lifetime and less risk of injury.
  • Length: 70 cm.

Do you also set up your set on the sandy beach? Then you need 2 pieces of Xtra pegs per anchor!

slackline anchor pegs
head and tip of the slacknail

1x frame

  • Safe stand thanks to the included bracing straps with childlock.
  • The only stainless steel frame on the market, stable in value for generations!
  • Largest adjustment range of all frames: 40/55/70/82 cm (ask for extensions up to 105/120/135/150 cm).
  • Does not sink in due to the rigid frame on the floor. (Rope tensioning between the legs in other frames sink in much more)
  • New: more safety thanks to attachable protective caps.
  • The only frame that compensates for slopes. The slackline support plate remains horizontal, the frame remains stable even with the strongest pendulum movements.
  • Gentle untighten of the ratchet without stroke (simply lying down the frame).
  • Faster learning without frustration by moving the frames in seconds to change the distance.
  • Extremely stable (10kN pulling force), but still quickly folded and light.
  • Triple function of the support plate: 1. slackline support surface / 2. screw locking / 3. assembly tool. 
  • Carefully rounded edges for maximum protection of the slackline.
details of the slackline frame
protective caps for slackline frame
height adjustment for slackline frame

1x transport box / anchor cover

  • Transport box & anchor cover for protection against injuries.
  • Provides space for 1x anchor, 6x pegs, 1x frame.
  • 2 cool designs - screamingly colorful or subtle as a tree trunk.
  • "Socially acceptable" produced by a "psychosocial workshop" in Austria.
  • Triple function carrying strap: 1. Carrying strap for box / 2. Securing of the frame against falling over / 3. Safety belt for car transport (thread in retaining rings etc.).
transport box and anchor cover
portable transport box and cover
cover for the NoTreeSlack anchor

1x extraction rope

  • For pulling out hard movable pegs with a sledge hammer - see assembly instructions.
  • Breaking load 450kg single, 900kg double, UV stabilized.
  • Multifunctional: Extension for the frame bracing with exceptionally large distances between the anchor and the frame.
extraction rope 2

2x extraction tools

  • The steel pins are hardened and galvanized.
  • Steel handles with anti-rust coating.
  • Multifunctional: 1. Pull out pegs / 2. Vertical securing of the anchor tube / 3. Securing the extraction rope for hard movable slacknails with a sledgehammer - see assembly instructions
extraction tool for the slackline ground anchor set

photos from our customer gallery

Customer review 2019-07-16

Google translate:

"I've been toying with buying the NoTreeSlack system for a long time. This was supported by the promise that I can set up the slackline practically anywhere. This was initially offset by the price. What can I say, I haven't regretted the purchase. The set is worth the money in any case. The materials are very valuable and especially well thought out... Since I had to set up on a slope, I could also try out immediately the slope compensation of the frames - yes, works. The assembly went quickly and the pegs could also be sunk in the stony / rocky soil of the Alps without any problems."

If you don't have a single tree... the slackline still missing?