No tree slackline anchor - set up your slackline without trees.

Set up your slackline without trees - and without limits.

Discover the new No Tree Slackline anchor kit.


comparison anchors

holds better

holds better

than other anchors,

even many selfmade concrete foundations. 


1st choice for permanent installations.


fast slackline set up


Set up anchor in 2 minutes, break down without leaving marks possible in 1 minute.


Perfect for trips.


slackline anchor for all terrains

all terrains

Holds on stony and hard ground and even on sand-beaches.


The beach highlight.


1st rating from the USA:

"No other portable system for slacklining without trees on the market even comes close to this. It is awesome! It's incredibly well designed and extremely high quality. So happy to finally have a slackline in my backyard.


I had to use a package forwarding service (forward2me) to get it shipped to USA, which was expensive but worth it. I hope they find a USA distributor so that more people can get access to this awesome product.

google translate: 

"I have owned a slackline for a very long time, but rarely used it because mostly the trees were missing. Then at the beginning of the year I was looking for a solution for my backyard (without trees), so I can keep the line set up as long as I want. So I came across NoTree-Slack and thought, pretty cool, but expensive. After looking at the alternatives, however, I decided to go with this classy option... and I'm totally sold! Every piece screams: I was made with a lot of love and brain power! I never thought I'd have so much fun balancing a peg in my hand and just enjoying the quality and workmanship... and that's how I felt with every piece from the packaging to the frames. I've only set up a short test line for now (no backup) and I'm totally blown away with the handling as well. Simple set up, which holds bombproof now already a few days. I can not stop raving about this system, which is absolutely suitable for the garden and travel. And with that: highly recommended! I should have discovered this earlier..."


google translate:

"We ordered the no tree set for use in our garden (very sandy soil). Systems that had previously been tried out did not work at all, tore huge craters in the lawn with the slightest load. This system works flawlessly, the quality and workmanship are great. Once you understand it, assembly is quick and easy. However, you need a little power in your upper arms when hammering in the pegs. Recommendation!"

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Customer rating 2018-07-19:

"This product is really good! I’ve been using it with various setups and it always works! Build quality is bomb proof and customer service is exceptionally good. Definitely recommended!"

slackline without trees

...additional advantages!

stainless steel

weatherproof & stable in value

for generations: stainless 304 steel instead of the usual structural steel and wood constructions.


fun and motivation

more fun and motivation

 faster learning without being overwhelmed by simply changing the position of the frames.


anchoring without concrete foundation

No concrete foundation

 on the lawn, no digging, no tedious drudgery.