No tree slackline anchor - set up your slackline without trees.

Set up your slackline without trees - and without limits.

Discover the new No Tree Slackline anchor kit.

no tree slackline

holds better

than other anchors,

even many selfmade concrete foundations. 


1st choice for permanent installations.



slackline without trees


Set up anchor in 2 minutes, break down without leaving marks possible in 1 minute.


Perfect for trips.



slackline anchor

all terrains

Holds on stony and hard ground and even on sand-beaches.



The beach highlight.



Additional advantages...

  • The quick and easy change of the frames position enables faster and more effective learning - and thus lasting fun and motivation.
  • Thanks to stainless steel, the NoTreeSlack kit is weather -resistant and retains its value for generations (other systems mostly use cheaper materials like wood and construction steel).
  • No concrete foundation on the lawn, no digging, no tedious drudgery.