EU-patented slackline anchor - set up your slackline without trees!


The stronger and faster slackline anchor system.
Holds on ALL terrains, from gravel to beaches.

For mobile & permanent installation.


No more limits to set up your slackline without trees.

slackline without trees

slackline anchor
Slackline anchor
154,90 € 2 129,90 € 3
Slackline anchor kit "One Tree"
249,90 € 2 From 214,90 € 3
Slackline anchor kit "No Tree"
469,80 € 2 From 399,90 € 3

slackline without trees
Single parts
Slackline frame
94,90 € 2 79,90 € 3
Transport box / anchor cover
39,90 € 2 From 34,90 € 3
12,90 € 3


google translate:

"Kudos to the NoTreeSlack team !! Top product, top quality, easy assembly and 5 stars for support. I live in a tenement house and weren't allowed to set an anchor in the garden. For the last two years I tried 2 anchor sets from other manufacturers, unfortunately only for a short time and with holes in the meadow. My garden is sloping, this frame balances it out perfectly. My neighbor was amazed when I tensioned the slackline. I'm looking forward to a set to extend the frames. Thank you for this well-engineered system! Greetings from Tyrol."

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Customer review 2019-05-13:

google translate:

"It couldn't be better! Easy assembly, best quality. Works just great, no comparison to other ground anchors."