Slackline frame

The also EU-patented Slackline Frame is not only height adjustable in seconds, with asymmetrical connected legs it is suitable even on slopes: the slackline always remains horizontal and the frame won't fall over even when you are swinging your line.

Perfect for faster learning: Adjust the length of your line to your skills in seconds by simply moving your slackline frame - so you learn faster and and much more effectively with much more fun! And with a third frame two adults can surf on one line simultaneously.

Completely made of stainless steel - one of the most durable slackline frames on the market.

slackline frame

Slackline frame

Height adjustable 40/55/70/82cm, stainless steel 304 (VA2)

+ Support plate/assembly tool

+ Bracing strap with child lock

+ Safety caps

+ manual


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The delivery to Germany was prompt and without problems. The product corresponds exactly to our ideas. We have a large garden, but unfortunately no trees, so we have been dealing with various ways to set up a slackline for a long time. We quickly abandoned the idea of buying wooden frames when we discovered the frames from Notreeslack. The idea is brilliant and innovative, so we wanted to support the company. If you want to adjust the height of the slackline, it does not have to be completely dismantled, it is sufficient to loosen the slackline and tighten it again after adjusting the frames. Our property is on a slight slope, which can be easily compensated for with the frames from Notreeslack. The setup was easy and my 16 year old daughter could do it alone. I can't judge the durability yet, the material makes a very stable and well-made impression. We are completely satisfied!

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The better slackline frame with EU patent:

  • Secure stand thanks to the included brace with childlock.
  • New: protective caps ensure more safety.
  • Largest adjustment range of all frames: 40/55/70/82cm (with an extension up to 105/120/135/150 cm - ask here).
  • The only frame that is suitable for sloping grounds. The slackline support plate remains horizontal, the frame remains stable even with the most violent vibrations.
  • The only frame made of stainless steel 304 (V2A) - suitable for decades and generations!
  • The only frame that does not sink in (thanks to the rigid ground tube on the floor). Frames with rope connections between the legs sink in deeper and deeper over the time).
  • Gentle release of the ratchet without stroke by simply lay down the frame to take away the tension of the line (not possible with new self-standing frames).
  • More effective and frustration-free learning by moving the frames within seconds (gradually increasing the length of the walkable line). Not possible with new self-standing frames without detensioning the line.
  • Extremely stable (10kN tensile force), can be dismantled in seconds to save space, and yet light.
  • No edges that could hurt your line. All critical points are carefully rounded.

3-way function support plate:

1. Line bearing

2. Automatic screw locking

3. Assembly tool