Slackline anchor

Finally! A slackline anchor which holds bombproof and permanently!

In direct comparison with other systems it holds forces, which were not previously thought possible. The stronger system to set up your slackline without trees.

It is perfect for permanent installation in your garden, short trips or beach vacations.

Set up and break down in minutes, highly durable for decades, made of stainless steel.

slckline anchor

Slackline anchor

1x anchor made of stainless steel 304 (V2A)

4x pegs 70cm, made of high-yield chrome steel, surface-hardened and antirust-coated

1x extraction-rope to remove sluggish pegs with a sledgehammer

2x extraction-tools/anchor securing / securing for for extraction-rope

1x manual


For sandy beaches you need 2 extra-pegs per anchor. May be useful for permanent installation on extremely soft grounds, too. 
154,90 € 2

129,90 €

  • 7,45 kg
  • Available
  • from receipt of payment 3-10 working days1

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google translate:

"Smart construction, great function: I have been using two ground anchors in the garden and meadow for a year. Conclusion: Firstly, the ground anchors are much more stable than the usual slackline ground screws and also much easier to assemble and dismantle. The anchor, nails and enclosed tools are made of very high quality. In my opinion, Notreeslack has the best solution, therefore a clear purchase recommendation!"

1x slackline anchor tube

  • The slackline anchor tube and the slackline connection screw are made of stainless steel 304 (V2A).
  • Nominal load 1000 kg (tension on the slackline with "normal" ratchets approx. 300 kg, with dynamic jumps up to max. 700 kg)
  • Additional function: picks up the pegs during transport.
slackline ground anchor
slackline anchor tube

4x pegs

  • Made of high-strength chrome steel.
  • Surface hardened. As a result, they do not bend or break even under the highest loads.
  • High-resistant anti-rust coating (lasts longer than hot-dip galvanized).
  • CNC turned rounded tip and beveled head reduce the risk of injury and increase the longevity.
  • Length: 70cm.

For sandy beaches you need 2 optional Xtra pegs per anchor!

pegs for the slackline anchor
turned pegs, hardened, rustproof

1x extraction rope

  • If a peg can not be easily removed by hand with the extraction tool, you can use this extraction rope to pull out hard movable pegs with a sledgehammer. See assembly instructions
  • Made of UV-resistant material, breaking load rope single 450 daN, double 900 daN.
  • Additional function: If the frame bracing is too short (no regular distance between anchor and frame), it serves as an extension of the bracing.
extraction rope

2x extraction tools

  • Extraction tools with galvanized, hardened steel pins, handles made of rustproof coated steel.
  • Triple function: 1. Pulling out the pegs / 2. Secures the anchor tube against vertical lifting / 3. Secures the extraction rope (when removing hard moving pegs with a sledgehammer). See assembly instructions
extraction tools

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Customer review 2020-06-21:

google translate:

"I opted for the NoTreeSlack ground anchors because I have no trees or other mounting options in my garden. The quality of the ground anchors and frames was very important to me. The set up was quick and easy and the ground anchors are bombproof in mine loamy, stony ground. The ability to adjust the frames flexibly convinced me. Unfortunately, the post office lost my first delivery but I got immediately a replacement delivery. You can take the ground anchors with you, but with 12kg per side that's more for a road trip as a hiking tour. The price is not the smallest, but other ground anchors are not really cheaper or do not have this quality. Therefore, I can only fully recommend the NoTreeSlack ground anchors. "

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