No Tree Slackline anchor kit


Complete freedom!


With the No Tree Slackline anchor kit you can set up your slackline without trees on almost any soils (except for solid rock).

No more Slackline racks or labor-intensive concrete foundations are necessary.

Direct comparison shows that the NoTreeSlack kit is stronger and faster than other systems.

Slackline anchor kit "No Tree"

Complete kit to use your slackline without trees


2x anchor made of stainless steel V2A

8x pegs 70cm, made of high yield chrome steel, expensivly surface-hardned and antirust-coated. 

2x frame adjustable 40/55/70/82cm, stainless steel 304 (V2A ) + Support plate/assembly tool

2x transport box/anchor cover with cool design + carry-strap/frame-brace

2x extraction rope to remove sluggish pegs with a sledgehammer

4x extraction-tools/anchor securing / securing for extraction-rope

1x manual


For beaches you need 2 extra-pegs per anchor. May be useful for permanent installation on extreme soft grounds, too.

Choose your desired design here

499,90 € 2

479,90 €

  • 24,2 kg
  • Available
  • from receipt of payment: Austria 2-6 working days, Germany 3-8 working days, CH/LI/NO (depending on customs) 4-15 working days, rest of EU 3-12 working days1

Shopbewertung -

google translate:

"Since I don't have any trees on the property, I ended up with notreeslack. The delivery was super fast. No complaints. Service top.
The complete kit "NoTree", 2 extra pegs per ground anchor as well as the Mamutec special slackline for ground anchors (short ratchet strap) are now in use from August 2022 for 7 months, even through the winter. I have stretched the line to a approx. 10m. So there are already some forces acting :). Due to the continuous use, I have ordered the 2 extra pegs for each ground anchor, because the very stony ground with me in the summer is very hard, but the winter of course neatly softened. The set holds perfect, even in the softened winter ground, is very high quality, and is just fun. Thanks to the assembly video, the assembly was very easy and quickly done. The pegs could be, despite stony ground (many large stones) with a small sledge installed super fast. Nothing has bent. I can recommend the kit without limitations. I have searched very long on the Internet and there is nothing comparable in terms of quality and holding power. It is therefore worth every euro despite the initially high purchase price.
Very clear purchase recommendation"

Until June 2018, we collected ratings with "Geprü", after that with "SHOPVOTE". Both independent service providers use automatic and manual measures to verify reviews. Information about the authenticity of customer reviews on SHOPVOTE can be found here. Further information on how we additionally ensure the authenticity of our reviews can be found here. Also check out our customer gallery!

2x slackline ground anchor tube

  • Probably the only slackline ground anchor made of stable stainless steel 304 (V2A).
  • Nominal load: 1000 kg (load in practice: with common ratchets approx. 300 kg, up to max. 700 kg with dynamic jumping) The "breaking load" was not reached in tests even at 2000 kg.
  • Second function: transport container for the pointed pegs.
fasten slackline without  trees
slackline without a tree

8x slackline nails

  • Material: Highly tempered chrome steel, outer layers hardened.
  • Does not deform even under the highest loads, does not break thanks to the tough core.
  • Rust protection: extremely durable coating, even hot-dip galvanizing rusts faster.
  • CNC turned rounded tip and beveled head for higher safety and longer lifetime.
  • Length of pegs: 70 cm.


On sandy beaches you need 2x2 additional Xtra pegs (2 pieces per anchor)!

slackline pegs
slacknail with rounded tip

2x slackline frame

  • Doesn't fall over thanks to the included brace belt with childlock (=carry strap of the transport box).
  • Currently the only frame made of stainless steel 304 (V2A).
  • Stable value for generations!
  • Frame with the largest adjustment range: 40/55/70/82 cm. With extension (ask here) expandable up to 105/120/135/150 cm.
  • The only frame for slopes.The line remains horizontal cannot fall over, even when swinging heavily. 
  • No sinking into the ground thanks to the rigid frame on the surface. Usual frames sink in much more because they are only connected with wires or ropes between the legs.
  • New: protective caps for more security.
  • No more blows when loosening the ratchet. Simply flip the frame, the line tension is gone.
  • Frustration-free and fast learning: Gradually increase the walkable length of your line by moving a frame in seconds.
  • Highest stability (10kN tensile force) despite its low weight and smallest dimensions when folded.
  • Meticulously rounded edges to protect your slackline.
  • Multifunctional band support plate: 1st slackline support bearing / 2nd screw locking / 3rd assembly tool.
slackline frame
protective caps for frame
slackline frame adjustable in height

2x transport box & anchor safety cover

  • Dual function: box for transport & safety cover for the anchor.
  • Space for a complete "OneTree" set (and optional extra pegs).
  • Two designs: brightly colored - or as an intriguing decorative tree trunk.
  • Made in Austria by a "social workshop".
  • Multifunctional carrying strap: 1. Carrying and fastening straps / 2. Secures the slackline frame from falling over / 3. Secures the NoTreeSlack set when transporting a car.
NoTreeSlack transport box
carrying strap
anchor cover

2x extraction rope

  • Even hard movable slackline nails can be extracted with a sledge hammer - see assembly instructions.
  • UV-resistant, breaking load: 900 daN (450 daN single).
  • Second function: Extends the bracing with irregularly large distances between anchor and frame.
auxiliary rope for pulling out pegs

4x extraction tools

  • Material pins: steel, hardened & galvanized.
  • Material handles: steel, with anti-rust coating.
  • Multiple tasks: 1. Remove the slackline prgs / 2. Secure the anchor tube from rising vertically / 3.Secures the extraction rope when removing hard moving pegs with a sledgehammer - see assembly instructions.
extraction tools 2

Connector (optional)

  • For connecting 2 ground anchors in series. This allows you to achieve extreme holding forces on sand, comparable to those on "normal grounds".
  • 4 pegs per anchor are sufficient, additional slack nails are not necessary.
  • You don't need any additional screws, etc. See assembly instructions.
  • Made of stainless steel 304 (V2A).
connector on sandy beach

photos from our customer gallery

Customer review 2019-08-11

Google translate:

"The delivery takes place quickly within three days. Everything was there. As described, the product is the best I have tried so far. Previously, I had drill anchors that did not hold at all, pulled out after two or three small jumps! The set is really good done, now you can tension the line much more so that you have fun and you don't have to constantly tighten the line! Very good, I recommend."

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