Are the kits shipped worldwide?

We ship to the EU as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
We ship to Great Britain from a minimum order quantity of €180.
For the USA and other countries outside Europe, there is the option of a forwarding service such as "". You will receive a shipping address in Germany or Austria and the service provider will then forward the kit to you.


Switzerland / Liechtenstein / Norway / Great Britain: VAT / Customs Duties?

To order you can also switch to the German page.


In the case of direct deliveries to CH/LI/NO/GB, the following prices do not include VAT according to §6 VAT law, the total amount displayed in the shopping cart does not include VAT. On the other hand, only the much lower shipping costs for AT/DE will be charged - which will reduce the total price and increase the transparency in the ordering and payment process.

Customs duties and charges:

We ship with UPS. When shipping with UPS, the import fees (customs clearance fee and the national VAT) will be charged, either by prepayment or at the time of delivery (you will receive a notification email from UPS).

No "customs duties" should be levied as an EU declaration of origin is issued on the invoice Further information:  (All informations are without warranty of completeness and currency.)


Switzerland - cheap alternative shipment:

The most common and cheapest alternative is a foreign postal address, which are offered by many service providers. (All informations are without warranty of completeness and currency.)


Why does this ground anchor hold better than others - even using the same pegs?

There are 3 reasons why the NoTreeSlack-anchor is probably the most effective slackline anchor available:

  1. Because of the rigid angle of the pegs with the anchor-tube on the NoTreeSlack-anchor the tensile force is transmitted deep into the ground over the entire length of the pegs. The anchor will not be pulled from the ground. The traction obliquely upwards gets transformed in a horizontal movement of armature (similar to a plough-anchor/plow-anchor).
  2. In hundreds of experiments with more than 40 prototypes, we have worked out the optimum angles, lengths, diameters and distribution of the pegs - whereby the power transmission to the ground becomes even more efficient.
  3. In addition, our pegs are significantly more resistant than most others (despite relatively low weight) because of an extensive and time-consuming hardening process.

Anchor and frame have an Austrian patent, the international patenting is pending.


Why am I able to install the anchor in stony ground?

The heat-treated and surface-hardened chrome-steel pegs are tough and hard at the same time. Up to fist-large stones usually are pushed aside or sometimes break apart.


Is this kit also suitable for permanent installations?

Yes, absolutely. You can leave the kit outside with a tightened line throughout the whole year (even in winter). If your backyard has very soft ground, it may be useful to use two additional pegs for each anchor.

For public places such as playgrounds, tourist slackline-parks etc. an antitheft system under developement (otherwise removal of the anchor is possible in less than a minute). Contact for inquiries:


How much space is needed for the slackline anchor and frames?

As with all systems using frames, you need a certain length of your backyard for set up. You need, depending on the frame height, ca. 1.8 - 2.7 meters on each end of your slackline (1m anchor length plus 0,8-1,7m for the frames).


How can the kit be used on slopes?

The frames can be set up asymmetrically; therefore they don’t fall over, the line remains horizontal.


Do the frames fall over easily?

Frames are secured against falling over with the straps of the box.

If you choose not to use the brace, do so at your own risk. The line might remain very stable if you tilt both frames slightly towards the nearest anchor. The frames must be tilted at the same angle to the line on both sides.


Are the pegs really that easy to remove?

After high tensile load of the slackline (high bias/jumps) or long lasting installations they are very easy to pull out, often with only one hand. Special extraction-tools with hardened steel pins are included in the anchor-kit. In the case that you can't pull them out this way, you can jerk the pegs from the ground with the included extraction-rope and a sledgehammer (see trailer, set up instructions or manual).


What else do I need in addition to the NoTreeSlack-kit?

A sledgehammer (4 kg, from € 12.-) and a slackline (from € 25). We have our own lines, but without the DIN 79400 certificate, so we don't sell them yet. We are looking for cooperation with a renowned slackline manufacturer or we will produce our own line.


Do I need to break down the set each time I mow the lawn?

No, that is absolutely not necessary. You can drive the mower up to the anchor/cover. If you want to, you can quickly remove the frames (about +5 sec.). If you don't want to mow under the line, it can easily be removed and set up again very fast (+15 sec).


Can I hurt lines (electricity, water, sewer ...) with the pegs?

All lines should be (under national regulations) laid at least 1m deep down under the soil, too deep for the 70 cm pegs, which penetrate the soil max. 63cm (however, this it is not a guarantee!)


How much does thekit weigh?

The kit "Onetree" for one side (1 anchor + 4 pegs + 1 frame + 1 box/cover) weighs about 12kg. The kit "NoTree" about 24kg and with 2x2 additional pegs weighs approximately 31kg.


Where will the anchors not hold?

On massive rocky ground (less than 65cm soil over rock) the pegs won't get in or out of the soil, terrains with large stones, where the stones can't be pushed aside or broken apart by the pegs, and on loose scree (no adhesion between the soil particles). It probably does not hold on mud - but has not been tested. The anchor has not yet been tested on snow.


Is the kit resistant to saltwater?

It is made of V2A stainless steel, which is not resistant to salt water (it would require the much more expensive V4A stainless steel). The kit should be thoroughly rinsed after every use on a beach with tap water/fresh water to avoid rust.