Ratings are all fake after all!?!!

...it's unfortunately true, you can simply buy reviews from relevant companies! 


We have therefore long asked ourselves how we can convince prospective customers that we do not need fake reviews with our patented anchor system. 


Our fake-proof solution since 2018:

Our customer gallery, where many satisfied customers take photos of their set in their own garden! 

No fake reviewer can do this - so you can be sure that our customers' enthusiasm is genuine.  


As of June 2018, we have collected reviews with the independent service provider "SHOPVOTE" (before that with "Gepruefter-Webshop.de"). 

Both companies use automatic and manual measures to verify reviews. 

Information about the authenticity of customer reviews on "SHOPVOTE" can be found here.  


We only collect reviews from real customers, we exclude reviews e.g. from "Google", which can be submitted by anyone.