Slackline anchor

The slackline anchor-tube and the slackline connecting bolt are made of V2A stainless steel.

Nominal load 1000 kg (tension on slackline).

Additional function: Contain the spiky pegs during transport. 

On beaches you need 2 extra pegs per anchor.

slackline anchor kit

Best quality: The anchor set has been carefully manufactured in Austria from high-quality materials.

"NoTreeSlack" anchor-tube

The pegs are made of hardened and tempered chrome steel with a durable rustproof coating (lasts longer than hot-dip galvanized). So they are tough and hard at the same time, they do not bend or break even under the highest loads.

For sandy beaches you need 2 additional optional xtra pegs per anchor!

slackline nails

In order to increase the lifetime of the pegs and minimize the risk of injury, the tips are rounded and the heads are chamfered.

slackline pegs

Extraction rope and extraction tools allow you to dismantle your anchor in minutes. The extraction tools also secure the anchor tube against vertical lifting and are made of hardened and galvanized chrome steel. The steel handles have a permanent anti-rust coating.

extraction tools
extraction rope